Over the years, the aviation industry has recorded tremendous achievements. This great record didn’t just get into the success bag, a certain profession in the industry contributed hugely to its actualization. They’re known as the highest risk-takers in the aviation industry, and they’re just awesome both on ground and in the sky. They’re simply the pilots!

The International World Pilots Day is here again and we’re not keeping quiet about this great day. To that effect, Student Aviation Club would be awarding some notable pilots of the air force, the army and the navy. As well as pilots of the police force, commercial airlines and other pilots who are worthy of our recognition and award. Student Aviation Club will celebrate this year’s International World Pilots Day in Nigeria, on the 26th of April, 2022 at the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Conference Center, Abuja by 16:00 (4pm WAT), with an after-party for the pilots and friends at the Crave Cubana Club, Abuja by 19:00 (7pm WAT)