Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Student Aviation Club is an international aviation, tourism and hospitality organisation for all aspiring and future aviators, aspiring tour managers, aspiring hospitality professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic to build professional careers in the aviation, tourism and hospitality industries by getting professionally trained, certified and licensed to practice as pilots, cabin crew, flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, avionics, air force officers, ramp agents, tour managers, hoteliers, tour operators, tourism consultants and other professions in these industries.

Anyone who is between the age bracket of 16 to 45 years, passionate and enthusiastic to build a career in the aviation industry, willing and yet to get professional trained, certified or licensed to practise any of the aviation professions.

No, SAC is for high (secondary) school students/leavers, tertiary school undergraduates, graduates, NYSC Corp Members (for Nigerians), and anyone in higher level of education.

The SAC membership registration is N10,000 (for Nigerian members) and $50 (for international members)

NO! The SAC membership registration is once in a lifetime. However, you’ll have to pay the SAC annual dues.

The SAC annual dues is N6,000 (for Nigerian members) and $36 (for international members)

The SAC annual dues qualifies and makes you eligible to enjoy all SAC opportunities and benefits, including the SAC annual scholarship programme, where SAC gives her eligible members 100% scholarship opportunities at the end of every year, to get professionally trained in any aviation profession of their individual choices. This scholarship is fully sponsored and funded by Student Aviation Club.

Student Aviation Club was founded on 25th November, 2016.

Although SAC is not an airline company, airport ground operator or a commercial aviation company; SAC however assist her members gain aviation jobs in the following ways;

1. Assist members in getting professional trained, certified and licensed in order to qualify for any aviation job.

2. Assist members with personal and professional development by organising special trainings for SAC members on that, which makes SAC members standout from other applicants.

3. Provide members with various job opening opportunities in the aviation industry, regularly.

4. Ensure that members have striking CVs/job resumés that’d attract potential employers.

5. Make underground contacts to potential employers, on behalf of SAC members and have them possibly invited for job interviews.

No, SAC is not an aviation training school, as we’re yet to obtain a licence on that. However, SAC gives her members foundation/basic aviation trainings, through her online and offline training sessions. Also, SAC stands as an intermediator between aviation schools and SAC members, to ensure that all registered and identified SAC members gets tuition discounts, quality trainings, and possible scholarships from aviation schools.

YES! SAC has various aviation school partners located in different continents of the world, such as Africa, Europe, Asia, South & North America and the Middle East.

A new member is expected to make the SAC membership registration payment NGN10,000 (for Nigerian members) or USD$50 (for international members) and the SAC annual dues NGN6,000 (for Nigerian members) or USD$36(for international members) — total of NGN16,000 (for Nigerian members) or USD$86 (for international members) into any of the SAC official bank accounts below;

For Nigerian Members

Account Number — 3137394365

Account Name — Students Aviation Group

Bank — First Bank


For International Members


Account Number —

Account Name — Student Aviation Club

Bank — Guaranty Trust Bank


NOTE: The new member MUST obtain a proof of payment and send to any of the SAC Executives, and the SAC Director of Finance will have to do the final confirmation of the payment.

After the membership registration payment must have been confirmed, the new member will have to fill out the membership registration form and SAC will provide him or her with the SAC membership ID card.

Alternatively, the new member could just pay only the membership registration fee NGN10,000 (for Nigerian members) or USD$50), that’s in situations where the new member doesn’t have the complete payments for membership registration and annual dues at once.

Such new member will still be provided with the membership registration form and the SAC ID card. However, the new member must make the annual dues payment NGN6,000 (for Nigerian members) or USD$36 (for international members) latest 3 months after his/her membership registration.