About Us



Student Aviation Club is an international aviation, tourism and hospitality organisation for all aspiring and future aviators, aspiring tour managers, aspiring hospitality professionals who are passionate and enthusiastic to build professional careers in the aviation, tourism and hospitality industries by getting professionally trained, certified and licensed to practice as pilots, cabin crew, flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, avionics, air force officers, ramp agents, tour managers, hoteliers, tour operators, tourism consultants and other professions in these industries.


Captain Callys


"...the young wings in aviation "

Founding Year:
Student Aviation Club was founded on 25 November, 2016.

The SAC anniversary is celebrated in November, or latest between the first and second week of December of every year.

Our Core Values
° Affordability
° Passion
° Diversity & Inclusion
° Growth
° Team Work

Vision Statement

To have a community of trained, licensed and qualified young professionals who would easily undergo professional aviation, tourism and hospitality trainings and get gainfully employed through the great corporate partnerships we would reach with reputable aviation schools, airlines and other organisations across the world.

To revamp and maintain a modern/technologically driven aviation, tourism and hospitality industry, by building a community of young professionals who'd step up to make the global airspace safer and better for the world.

Mission Statement

To make professional aviation trainings more affordable, make aviation jobs more possible/attainable for the younger generation to easily get in; and not have their passion for the travel, tourism or hospitality industry killed and their hopes dashed.

To build a connecting bridge between practicing professionals and young aspiring professionals, in order to make transfer of knowledge, experience and professionalism more effective.